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Terms & Conditions

When agreeing to proceed with an order, you are also agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. Your agreement to proceed can be verbal or written. These Terms & Conditions are to avoid unfulfilled expectations, and to guide you through our Service. Please take the time to read these Terms & Conditions as they can assist with your satisfaction and overall happy face.

Terminology: This is an explanation of words used within the Terms & Conditions, Products / Goods – These words are used to describe the items which you have ordered. I / We – These words refer to the company Mulberry Yarn Limited (t/a Mulberry Blinds) and the Team behind the name.

Privacy: As a small family business, we strongly believe your details are for our use only. We would never share your name, address, telephone number, email address, or any details regarding your purchase to any other company. They are for our use only and we promise to keep it that way.

Quality: We will endeavour to supply great quality products from our suppliers, as displayed in our Showroom (please read ‘Manufacturing’). More importantly we will ensure our Service is impeccable, as these are the reasons we hope you have purchased. Please inform us if you know of any improvements that we could make.

Price: Please ensure you have a written copy of your order, this will state the price of the products/service you are paying for. Our prices always include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Payment: We accept Cash, Cheque, Card or BACS, although you are responsible for informing us of which method you choose to pay by at the time of payment. We will request a 50% deposit to proceed with any order (this is at the manager’s discretion) and the remaining balance must be cleared upon receipt of goods (please read ‘Orders on Hold’).

Out of Stock: Occasionally our suppliers will inform us of an out of stock item. We are only informed once an order has been processed, or is due for production. At this point we will inform you immediately. You may be given the opportunity to wait for the stock to arrive, re-select, or cancel (at the manager’s discretion). Please understand that although this rarely occurs, it is out of our control and no compensation will be given for delayed orders.

Delivery: The expected delivery times given to you are based on the guidance of our manufacturers and can be variable due to supply and demand. We are also subject to the postal service which can be slow due to logistics, health and safety procedures, strikes, volcanoes, large whale migration and life. But we can promise that our products are so worth the wait. Should your order be lost in transit (please read ‘Unhappy Face Casualties’), we will replace the goods at our expense or that of the manufacturer.

Manufacturing: We pride ourselves on offering a vast array of products, which are sourced from manufacturers across the world. We only deal with whom we believe to be reputable companies with high quality products.

On the rare occasion that goods should be received in a poor state, we reserve the right to replace the goods at our expense or that of the manufacturer. Alternatively a discount may be offered should you wish to accept the goods in a substandard state (this is at the manager’s discretion).

We are extremely understanding of the disappointment that can be caused by errors, and promise to deal with any issues on your behalf in our professional and swift manner. We are here to help you, working on your behalf (please read section entitled ‘Unhappy Face Casualties’).

We do respect your time is precious and therefore we will try to accommodate you the best we can when returning with

replacement goods. Unfortunately errors are a fact of life and can never be entirely avoided. As a small company we accept that these errors are out of our control and may cost us time to rectify, to which we receive no compensation. Therefore no compensation will be given to customers where an order has required a remake / replacement.

Orders on Hold: We understand that lots of you lovely people order products for rooms that are being decorated and your order can arrive before you are ready. For any reason, we are happy to hold your order, this means we will let you decide when you are ready to have your products installed. We do however request that the balance be cleared if this period exceeds 30 days.

Child Safety: We are committed to ensuring all our products meet the European EN13120 standard, ensuring all our products are manufactured to meet these requirements and more importantly are installed with the protection of children in mind. Do not let your child fall victim of cords or chains in your home.

Ownership of Goods: Mulberry Yarn Limited is the owner of all goods until paid for in full. We reserve the right to remove any goods should full payment not be received upon receipt of goods.

Warranty: All new products purchased come with a manufacturer’s warranty, this covers you for any issues caused my manufacturing error (this does not include user damage). You have a one year minimum cover. Our labour is also included in this first year for free.

User Damage: Accidents happen, and we are here to help. Please let us know if anything happens to your product and we will try our best to assist you.

Cancellations: Once an order has been placed you still have the right to cancel. Although we ask for cancellations to be placed in writing, it is always best to inform us as soon as possible by telephone. At this point we will enquire as to whether your order has been processed and depending on the stage of completion a charge will be calculated to cover any costs. Please understand this is necessary due to all our products being made to measure and not stock items.

Cancellations of any other kind are at the manager’s discretion.

Removal of Goods: For any reason, should the goods installed by our company be removed, we will not be held responsible for the décor in your home. Removal of goods can leave holes and aesthetic damage.

Unhappy Face Casualties: Please remember we are here to listen should you wish to discuss any issues with your order, and we are committed to providing solutions to which you are satisfied with. As a small family business we pride ourselves on the service we give and the respect we offer to our customers at all times.

98% of orders go smoothly and result in happy faces! Should you find yourself in the 2%, please remember the Mulberry Team are here to assist, but we will not tolerate any rudeness, aggression or bad language directed at us in any way.

The manager reserves the right to cancel the order of any badly behaved customer regardless of the level of completion. This will result in the removal of any goods supplied (please read ‘Removal of Goods’) and your name on the wall of shame!

No one has the right to remove our happy faces.

We love you, for loving local!

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