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Plantation Shutters

Hunter Douglas Shutters

About Plantation Shutters

Our Interior Shutter Collection has the widest choice of materials, styles, options and colours. Manufactured bespoke to your exact requirements, this beautiful window covering will accentuate your windows and doors perfectly.

Surprisingly, Shutters are extremely versatile lending themselves to be the perfect covering for many window and door configurations.

This superior window covering provides an outstanding array or unique benefits.

Light Control

Each panel can be independently adjusted to control and filter the light accordingly.

HIRA012 006 light-control


The panels can be divided into independently controlled sections, allowing natural light in while keeping out unwanted attention.

privacy-1 privacy-2 privacy-3

Heat Control

This solid product can not only keep your room cool in the summer, but also helps retain the heat in the winter.

heat-control-1 heat-control-2

Sound Insulating

This additional layer to your windows will help reduce noise levels, making them ideal for homes near busy roads.

sound-insulating-2 sound-insulating-3 sound-insulating

Awkward Shapes

Shutters are one of only a few window furnishings that can be manufactured to suit curved, angled, small or large window shapes.

awkward-shapes-1 awkward-shapes-2 awkward-shapes-3


Low Maintenance

Easy to clean, and virtually maintenance free.

low-maintenance-1 low-maintenance-2 low-maintenance-3


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