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Meet The Mulberians


Craig is our installer, possibly the best installer in the world (in our opinion). He has been with us for over 10 years and only stays for the coffee! He loves his coffee… he may even be powered by coffee so we try not to let him run low on reserves.


Alison, or as we call her Ali, is like the glue that sticks us together. Without her, we would all fall apart. She not only keeps the rest of us held up, but she is your port of call as our customer. Ali has amazingly good taste and is fabulous at assisting with choice. You’ll need her as much as we do.


Andy is our home consultant, he loves his products as much as he loves his food. But please do not feed him, as his wife Janine, says he’s on a diet! Andy takes away the pressure and looks after all the little details on your behalf, giving great advice based on years of knowledge.


Janine is team leader, the boss with the biscuits (but not for Andy). She likes to keep everything moving forward, from marketing to book keeping she is kept busy. The driving force behind our constant efforts to ensure we provide great service.


Bailey, our mascot. We wouldn’t want to leave the wee man out. He may sap the energy from Andy and Janine, but he is also the reason they keep going. We love our boy. xx

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