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Shutter Collection


About Shutter Collection

We offer a vast array of Shutters with variations of properties to suit individual requirements.

Here is a selection of our range…

The Basic Berry

This is our entry level Shutter, made from medium density fibreboard. Available in 5 shades of white and cream. This Shutter can be restricted on size due to its weight and we wouldn’t recommend for damp conditions, such as your bathroom.

basic-berry-1 basic-berry

The Busby Replica

Produced from a synthetic structure made from polymers, completely sources from and within the UK. Its synthetic material makes it very robust, and highly suitable for damp conditions. There are 18 colours available and they come with a fantastic 10 year guarantee.

busby-replica-1 busby-replica-2

The Basic Berry Light

As the Basic Berry can be on the heavy side, limiting its size capabilities, we also have the Basic Berry Light available as an alternative. The frame of each panel is made from the medium density fibreboard, while the vanes are made from a synthetic material which holds lighter properties.
A great combination and available in 28 colours.

basic-berry-light-1 basic-berry-light-2

The Leven Wood

This is a hardwood, manufactured with joints and coloured to one of 6 colours. This is the entry level hardwood which can be used to cover larger windows and some shapes.

leven-wood-1 leven-wood-2 leven-wood-3

The Kirkby

This is our premium range of hardwood, suitable for larger windows and various shapes including arches. This hardwood is manufactured without joints, which allows it to be stained. There are 19 stains to select from and 28 painted colours.


The Majestic

A very unique Shutter which has been selected by celebrities such as Katie Price! This beautiful designer shutter is produced from hardwood and finished with mirrored vanes, available in a selection of coloured mirror. A real wow effect!



This is a hollow polymer shutter, very light and waterproof. This product was originally sourced from Canada and is now produced in the UK. There are 3 colours to select from, White, Ivory and Cream.

This is the only shutter to come with a 25 year guarantee.


Custom Colour

Many of our Shutters are available as custom colour. This means you can select any RAL paint colour to have your Shutter painted bespoke. This service allows you to match your interiors, be it your Laura Ashley table or your O’Brien Kitchen cupboards, you can create a unique and personalised look.

custom-colour-1 custom-colour-2

Remember we are here to help guide you through the process of selection, contact us for a no cost home consultation.

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