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Awning Models

About Awning Models

There are endless models in truth, but for the average person’s needs we can break these down into three basic types.

Non-Cassetted: When this Awning type is retracted you can see the fabric rolled around its hardware, with the Awning arms sitting underneath. This is an entry level design which is highly cost effective.

Semi-Cassetted: This Awning offers a Cassette to house the fabric roll, protecting it from the elements, while the Awning arms sit below the Cassette on display.

Fully-Cassettes: This Model type is by far the more popular as the Cassette houses both the fabric roll and the Awning arms, both protecting them from the elements, dirt and dust, but also appearing the most attractive.

These three basic descriptions don’t come close to explaining the vast array of models, but that’s why we are here. Explain to us your requirements and the purpose of your purchase, then we can show you the options available to most suit your circumstances.


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