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Child Safety

About Child Safety

Blinds have sadly become the cause of child fatalities over the years, with the victims usually being aged between 2 and 5 years old. Most of these fatalities and near fatalities are caused by the strings or chains forming loops around a Childs neck. Unfortunately young children aren’t able to see the dangers and their natural curiosity, imaginations and sense of adventure, can lead them to do things we never imagined.

With the public becoming more aware of this issue across the world, America were the first to take action, banning cord and chain loops on blinds. The UK were not far behind in producing a child safety legislation in February 2014. This new legislation sets our requirements for both manufacturing and installing blinds. This legislation is now the Law and is a legal obligation with serious consequences.

We only supply blinds that are manufactured to meet these requirements and our Installer is obliged by Law and by our company to install the blinds in the correct manor. This includes shorter control lengths, cleats for cords and break away points on continuous chains.

All these small changes are there to prevent accidents now and in the future and no one or building is exempt.

Sadly there are companies still trading without complying with this legislation. As a family business we are proud to make our blinds safe and have embraced the new policies.

The added benefit of this new legislation is the development of fantastic innovative products which comply by nature. Products that no longer require chains or cords, providing a sleek, elegant minimalistic appearance to your home. Visit our Showroom to see a demonstration of the Literise system which is rolling out over many of our products. We can also demonstrate the Smartcord system or for those who really want to move with the times we can talk you through the motorisation options including the PowerView app now available for your mobile or tablet device.

Its exciting times when the world moves forward to produce innovative products that make our homes both safe and amazingly beautiful. Embrace the change!

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