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About Duette Blinds

Possibly our bestselling product, the Duette Blind has a remarkable number of benefits.

Fundamentally this is a Pleated Blind, which has evolved to perfection by a company called Luxaflex. They are highly current, with their clean appearance and control.

Unlike a pleated blind, the cords are concealed within the cellular structure, and it is this structure that provides you with heat control of ridiculous levels. This blind will retain the heat within your home more than any other. Also allowing you to control the external heat in the summer, keeping you cool.

For me the pièce de résistance is the Literise control option. This is a must, with no chain or cord, simply raise and lower the blind by hand. This control option was developed in 2014 to comply with new child safety laws, but has proven to be so popular that Luxaflex are developing this control across their full product range. Another fabulous alternative is a battery motor!


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